Squishy: relaxation for your life

Every summer, a new toy for the kids. The squishy ! They are unheard of. Once the master protector of airplanes in the era of World War II, this work of Otto Bayer, now bewitches children including adults which leads to the question of what is squishy?

What is a squishy, and what is its origin?

A squishy is a form of plush made of soft polyurethane foam and very flexible. This one, being an anti-stress toy, automatically returns to its original aspect after being well hammered, flattened or smothered. Squishy is industrialized in various sizes and shapes such as: fruits, food products, animals etc. Imbued with a pleasant scent of perfumes, the anti-stress toy is also nicknamed "squishy Kawaii". This Japanese word means "cute".
Originally from Japan, the squishy, since its appearance in 2017 is a star that shakes almost all social networks precisely YouTube and Instagram.

Discover the whole range of squishy

The squishy toy is materialized to be kept and crushed. You have six types of squishy varieties of its entire collection: regular squishy, jumbos, paintable squishy and pencil holders. More than twelve categories of squishy in each type: galaxies, fruits, rainbows, you will find attached.

Made of mutual security material

This cute toy has been made from organic foam relative to the flexibility, nor toxic and of course pleasant to the sight and touch. Cheap and elastic, it is without negative consequences. The squishy is designed from polyurethane. The only advantage of this material is that it is in no way a danger to the environment.

The different advantages of squishy

This type of toy is suitable for children and adults who are stressed. It makes your forearm muscles strong and gives you good blood circulation. You don't have to be like a bull to handle it. Throughout your trip, it keeps you company whether in the bus, car, plane or train.

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