All about the Tongue Drums

Are you new to music? Are you looking for soft and delicate sounds? The tongue drums are the perfect instrument to create a soothing atmosphere. Browse this article to learn more.

Where Tongue Drums come from

Musical percussion instruments that produce the are itself, without a sound box, are among the ancient types of musical tools that rely on archaeological findings. Years ago, ancestors throughout Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia made these tools from wood or bamboo. These Tongue Drums called in the past "slit drums" have the shape of a box with several slits on the top. In fact, there are Tongue Drums that are handmade with different type of wood, the most known on the market today are made, metal alloys or steel like the handpan. The whale drum and the tambiro was the inspiration for the creator of the tongue drum Dennis Havlena to take a propane tank to make his version of drum.

Uses of the Tongue Drums

The Tongue Drums are used in many areas, from music to health. In the workshops of expression, this instrument is used to make it possible to express your thought without having recourse to the verbal language. It also allows children, even the very young, to communicate. The advantage of this tool is that you can practice without any background, which could be a hindrance.

Because of its relaxing effect, in some companies, it is given free access to employees. The latter have the possibility to immerse themselves in a bubble of well-being and to relax in the middle of a professional space. Employees practice this during the break to calm tensions at the end of a difficult meeting. These employees earn so much that they order it for their own use. So, now you know enough about Tongue Drums. You can already take it and enjoy its benefits, too