All about Tikee the ideal site camera

Have you ever heard of the Enlaps brand ? It is a French brand of autonomous and high-performance timelapse cameras. Now installed in the four corners of the world, Enlaps Tikee cameras are the benchmarks in the world of professional timelapse, particularly for site monitoring, events and the analysis of melting glaciers. Find out in this article why opt for the Tikee camera.

Why choose Enlaps timelapse cameras ?

To put it simply, the Timelapse Enlaps cameras allow you to film timelapses up to 6K at 220° thanks to the two wide-angle lenses. By visiting the site, you will discover more helpful hints. Indeed, their enormous advantage lies in the adjustable solar panel which is on the top in order to make the cameras completely autonomous in energy. Another significant point, Tikee cameras can be connected to Wifi or the 4G network using a SIM card to keep the possibility of adjustment and consultation. If you want to have a site follow-up that lasts a long time and make a video of the evolution of it, the timelapse is the best way.

But what is a timelapse in reality ? It is a succession of photos taken at regular intervals to make a video by combining all these images. The advantage of Enlaps cameras is therefore their ability to record these images independently, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. Indeed, with their solar panel, these cameras do not require external power, can connect to 4G for remote control and are able to send photos in real time.

Enlaps cameras and packs

In the Enlaps range, you currently find two cameras : Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO. Two models based on the same standalone camera concept but with different features and capabilities. In order to process all your images recorded with Tikee cameras, you can use the online software offered by the brand. Four licenses give you more or less functionality to reprocess your images. A free version exists, but it greatly limits you in exporting your images. You can then switch to paid licenses valid for different durations. It starts at €90 excluding VAT and ends at €195 excluding VAT for the most expensive version for 3 months.