How to find the missing dog?

Finding a missing dog is always stressful for the pet owner. However, if you are guided by a simple plan of action, you can not only save your time and nerves, but perhaps even save the life and health of the runaway prankster. Here's how to find a missing dog.

What to do if your dog is lost

The most important thing is to calm down and pull yourself together. Connect your friends in the search for the lost pet. You try this website for more information on missing pets. Ask as many people as possible if they have seen a similar dog, show a photo of the fugitive. Search all surrounding yards, look in driveways and basements, bins and garages, because if the animal is injured, it will hide in a dark place. Look carefully for any bushes. If the dog runs off with the leash, the leash could easily get tangled in the branches.

Get your favourite squeaky toys, the sound your four-legged friend always resorts to

Write ads and post them in the missing area. The more ads the better. It is advisable to use glossy paper so that the ad is immediately visible. Don't forget to include the place and time of the loss, a detailed description of the dog and a photo of the animal. Place notices in the veterinary clinics and pet shops nearest to the place of loss, call animal shelters. Very often, lost pets are taken there in order to identify the owner by stamp or chip number. Post advertisements in places where four-legged animals are walked en masse. Talk to local dog owners, give them your contact details, as the animal will usually run to its own kind to play.

Attend the lost pet service

A very effective way of finding a lost dog is to place an advert on the internet, in groups of missing and found animals, in breed groups. If your dog is found, then, most likely, in order to place an ad on the find, the people who found the animal will write to your tail-wagging friend's breed group.