The importance of mirror in bathrooms

When decorating a bathroom, many things need to be taken into account: floors, tiles, worktops, sinks and washbasins, and finally, the mirror which can be the central piece of decoration in this environment. Today, we bring you some basic tips when choosing a mirror.

The basics: bathrooms decorated with mirrors

Before choosing the size and shape of the mirror for your bathroom, you need to pay attention to some details. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the mirror should be at least 30 centimeters high, so that you can see the head and part of the torso. More Help will be given in the rest of this article. Indeed, the measurement of the width is the same, but it is a good thing that it is at least 50 centimeters long, so that it offers a wider view of the shoulders and head. 

The choice should be proportional to the size of the environment.  Consider the total space in the room and especially the size of the countertop before ordering.  Mirrors that are too big for small spaces can make the room look much larger than it really is and vice versa.

Types of bathroom mirrors 

Rectangular mirrors: These are the most traditional and can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.  Vertically, they transmit a feeling of strength, while horizontally, they leave an atmosphere of tranquility in the air.  When made in larger dimensions, it has the ability to create a feeling of space.

Square mirrors:These models are often used in more formal settings, as they create a sense of order and sobriety.Round mirrors:This is a much more casual model than the previous ones and able to make the environment more modern and, at the same time, delicate.  By placing a round mirror above the bench, you can further enhance this part of the environment.