Visitax, No More Secrets for You

Taxes are contributions that leaders use either to carry out sanitation work or to improve the appearance of a living environment. In some parts of Mexico, this tax is called Visitax. If you want to travel to Mexico but don't know what this tax is, don't panic. This post will cover this issue in detail. Let's learn more about it. 

Are you eligible to pay this tax ? 

You can have more information on this address If you are not a permanent resident of certain areas of Mexico, you will be required to pay this tax. In essence, if you are a resident of another country, you are subject to the Visitax. However, if you are traveling with children between the ages of 0 and 4, don't worry, as they are not affected by this tax. 

If you are also traveling in Mexico in general, you will not be asked to pay this tax, as only a few regions are affected by this payment. The regions in question are those of : 

• Cancún 

• Puerto Morelos 

• Holbox 

• Isla Mujeres 

• Riviera Maya 

• Playa del Carmen

What are the stages to take to pay this tax ? 

With the advent of computers and digital technology, everything is done online. You must go to the Mexican government website. Then you are going to have a form that asks you to enter your personal information. You put your name, first name, age. 

In short, everything that will be asked of you will not be complicated. Then, if you finish filling out the form. Submit it. Then you will have access to a QR code that will serve as a payment address of sorts. 

Use it to send the funds to the government account. Normally, a few minutes later, you will receive a notification that you have paid the Visitax tax. Finally, a digital receipt will be sent to your mailbox.