Who to contact for home design and cost estimates?

Building a house requires a plan, but it also requires a budget. Both require an expert to help you complete the project. Here are some tips about home design and construction cost estimates!

Leading Single-Family Home Builders

Single-family home builders are responsible for all home purchases, click reference for more information. From design to getting the key to the door, they take care of everything and you pay. For the latter, you will be bound by two contracts with very good guarantees. They are CCMI or contract of construction of the individual house and VEFA or sale in the future completed state. The VEFA does not only intervene in the construction, but also in the files of sale of grounds. The guarantees that are given by these two contracts are the respect of the deadline; the confirmation and the final price; the damage insurance of the works; finally the decennial guarantee.

The cost and the choice of a good architect design the house

The contract for project management will specify the limits and costs of intervention of the master. The cost is 7% to 10% of the total estimated value of all the work. The design office and the contractor must be insured. Do not trust them without it. Also, always check their past projects. The architect will make a personalized plan for you. He can help you to use the materials of your choice and to design according to your imagination. In addition to the urbanization norms, your house will be different from your neighbors'. The latter will be paid on the basis of the total construction expenses. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate a tax of 10% to 12% out of the construction price.

The architect's mission can be defined by you. Either he completes all the work, from the conception to the realization, or he limits himself to the conception. In this last case, all the administrative steps are at your charge. If you choose a project management contract for the whole work, you will be put in touch with the architect.