Why adopt the Weibo marketing strategy ?

Social networks are emerging more and more. They are designed according to the realities of one country to another, one community to another. There are many categories of these digital channels. There are social networks for discussion, for business, for digital marketing, more adapted to companies. Weibo belongs to the latter category. This social media is a very formidable marketing strategy.

What do you need to know about Weibo ?

Weibo is a Chinese social media that means "microblog". It is one of the oldest and most influential social media in China, the Asian continent and other countries around the world. It has especially established itself in the business world. Its features allow users to create, share, interact and discover content online. Find out more about this medium here.

Weibo promotes the publication of users' messages and posts as it is possible to publish a text of 2000 characters. In addition, photos, videos and stories can be published without any restrictions. Whether it's watching live streams and vlogs, trading products, conducting surveys and research, playing games or advertising; Weibo is a great platform and good at it.

How is Weibo a marketing strategy ?

It is no secret that digital channels have become the primary means of marketing. Hence the propulsion of digital marketing. So Weibo is a strategy first of all because of the number of visitors counted daily. Indeed, more than 16 million new active users visit Weibo every day. Can you imagine how many people will see your product every day? Moreover, Weibo publications are more promoted by search engines. This can increase the visibility of your product and brand awareness. Weibonauts can use the "Discover" page to browse the platform to get the latest news. Finally, the users of this social network stand out from others in their publications with keywords. This allows them to be referenced.