Why prefer a timelapse camera?

Timelapse is a photo taking technique that consists of recording images. Thanks to these images, a short video is produced. Indeed, timelapse cameras are now present on the market and make it easier for users. It is used, not only in the production of short videos, but also in building construction, in industry, etc. In the lines to follow, discover the advantages of using this camera.

Capture photos 24 hours a day

The advantages of using this type of camera are many, but we will tell about a few in this article. Indeed, the first important advantage of this device, is its autonomy. For one-minute or three-minute photo shoots, such as an evening timelapse, the photos are just taken for a short time and the camera holds up. In these few minutes, the camera can capture up to 1500 photos, to produce a timelapse of one minute and thirty seconds. For more information about Timelapse cameras, you can go to the website. Timelapse cameras also help you with multi-day projects. However, your shots, video editing, can extend over several weeks or even two months. This is not possible with older cameras, because the battery of the latter limits them. The charging accumulator of timelapse cameras lasts a very long time and holds for long-term projects. So, instead of other types of cameras, timelapse cameras play a big role. They are capable of recording multiple video sequences.

Highly weather resistant

Another reason to prefer a timelapse camera is its weather resistance. Timelapse cameras are resistant to variations in weather conditions. This is an essential strong point, because they are made to stay active in all possible conditions and for several hours or even months. However, it is also possible to use these cameras on construction sites, to ensure safety