The dishes loved by the French

Each country has its own culinary specialties. Let's take a look at French food. French food is loved by many and eaten almost everywhere in the world. French families are so proud of these mountains of homemade food that you should also make it a point to have your share. In this article, we will look into this by presenting you in order: the French dishes, their favorite dishes, the dishes most consumed by the inhabitants of the country of the language of Molière, etc....

French dishes in general

There are an incomparable number of meals in France. Here are a few that I think you will enjoy knowing about in my humble opinion. They are: moules marinières, potée de Lorraine, Tartiflette, poule au pot à l'ancienne, sausage lentils, crepes, sauerkraut, shepherd's pie and many others. We cannot be exhaustive.
But are all these foods really loved and preferred by everyone?

The favorite dishes of the French

It's true, French dishes there are an imposing number, but let's just realize that among this impressive list, some are much more appreciated, much more pampered, more favored than others. We distinguish :

The beef bourguignon,
The blanquette of veal,
The raclette,
The couscous,
The duck breast,
Mussels and French fries
The leg of lamb,
Steak and French fries,
Stuffed tomatoes

The list is long. But are there any dishes in France consumed more than all the others?

The dishes most consumed by the French

We have made for you a selection according to the consumption rate (TC) :

Kebabs with 360 million of the TC
Lobsters with 3 to 4 million of the TC
Pizza with 1 billion of the TC
Burgers with 1,4 billion of the CT
Sandwiches with 2,4 billion of the CT

So, I'm sure you're dying to try these splendid French dishes one day and your taste buds are all excited right now. It's normal because they are really so tasty and special that anyone would fall in love with them. You should go to the classiest restaurants in France to be served, or approach one of the French restaurants in your city to get it.